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    Glidekicks Air M - Low-Top LED Sneakers - Light Up USB Shoes- Luminous Soles w/ Laces for Men (Black)

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    Glidekicks Air M - Low-Top LED Sneakers - Light Up USB Shoes- Luminous Soles w/ Laces for Men (Black)

    Afford Yourself The Latest in Men’s Foot Fashion – LED Light Up Shoes are to be worn with extreme caution as they can increase your level of coolness by insane increments!

    If you or someone you know is looking for new ways to express themselves and their style, look no further because Glidekicks are here!

    Watch people’s faces light up with excitement with these luminous USB rechargeable kicks.

    Get The Party Started At The Touch Of A Button

    At first glance, these Glidekicks look like a very cool, albeit perfectly normal, pair of sneakers. At the touch of a hidden button, though, their LED soles light up like the 4th of July!

    With 11 static LED colors, 3 strobe LED modes and 7 color-changing options, you’ll walk around town turning heads and leaving a trail of smiles almost as bright as these kicks! The LED lights can be turned off at just the push of a button so these kicks are as practical as they are versatile in their use. They can be worn casually with lights off or hit the button again to change the color modes to match your outfit, mood or provide vivid visual effects while walking, running, riding, dancing and more!

    Not only are they made with the best materials and craftsmanship, they can also prove to be very practical at making you visible and safe at night!

    A Delightful Gift Idea Any Man Would Appreciate

    Even if these sneakers are not for you, you could always pick a pair of Glidekicks for your boyfriend, husband, brothers, sons, friends or colleague's.

    Glidekicks make a great gift and they’re here just in time for the holidays!

    You can find Glidekicks in many different patterns, colors, styles and sizes for Men, Women and Children of All Ages. Shipping is Fast and Free. Our warehouses and offices are located in the United States.

    LUMINOUS FEET, FLASHING LIGHTS, LOADS OF FUN!: The Glidekicks are the most fun sneakers on the market. Not convinced? Treat yourself or a loved one with a pair and watch them happily jump around with magic lights flashing around their feet!

    DOZENS OF COLORS & PATTERNS: Not only do the Glidekicks come in many colors and patterns, they also feature 11 static LED colors, 3 strobe LED modes and 7 color-changing options. White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, or Aqua? Or even the fascinating, color flashing strobe mode? You decide!

    PRETTY NICE & COMFORTABLE, TOO!: Flashing lights and changing colors may be fine, but at the end of the day you want to have a pair of good shoes on your feet. Worry not - the Glidekicks are made with superior quality materials and craftsmanship!

    USB RECHARGEABLE LED LIGHTS: After about six hours of non-stop flashing, even these amazing shoes need some recharging. Just plug the USB charger in their hidden sockets for a couple of hours, and they'll be good to go!

    ONE-TOUCH LIGHTS CONTROL: At some point you may want to turn the lights off, right? We’ve got your back. The Glidekicks can go dark and pretend they're a normal pair of shoes like any other, no problem! All you have to do is press a button!

    So What Are You Waiting For? Order A Pair Of Glidekicks Today! Just Click 'Add To Cart'!


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